Give consumers the correct knowledge of detailing, in order to establish an effective maintenance and offers all consumers as the best choice for their car maintenance detailer, also correcting market mechanisms to enhance the competitiveness of the industry, provide the best services and guarantee the best quality!

The company's products and the industry has successfully exported, and has extended to China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, the United States and also other countries. IPO has been appointed as the car beauty center of Taiwan PORSCHE SHOW ROOM for over 10 years now. In 2005, the Present of IPO Mr. Hsin Ho Tseng won the honor as the automotive beauty department of professional advisers of SHANGHAI XINJIAO DIAN AUTO REPAIR & MAINTAIN CO., LTD. (AUTOLIFE). Looking to the future technology, integrate professional and technical products, will bring the market to meet unlimited demand.
IPO-polishing on the ultimate super car polish repair products, IPO Car Care Series are developed and manufactured by Korea SUN-BO Co.



IPO currently is the largest and the most professional manufacturer in South Korea, the technology originally came from the U.S. In the SUN-BO Co., the President Mr. YUN Ph.D. and the research team developed the world's top environmental science and technology water-soluble polishing agent.

The range of products, specifications, quick fixes, color brightening, harmless to paint surface with very good quality and stability. Had access to the global automotive, motorcycle, Rims, piano, marble, wood furniture, polishing professional anufacturer… for all their options. No silicone or wax included, specific chemical components of hybrid technology to remove the paint scratches and various types of pollution on the surface, can really quickly and effectively remove the repair, does not affect re-paint quality.

Unlike older technologies developed by the market or wax containing abrasive silica products, in order not to hurt the paint only to fill the temporary brightening of color onto the scratches on the surface is not able to take the minor detergent or scratches while washing cars. And it certainly will reduce the brightness because of without actual maintenance of repairing the scratches and repainting. Bad quality chemical techniques and ingredients that cause more secondary scratch injury (such as deeper swirl marks and more irregular polishing marks), and these scratches will be filled because of wax and silicon which are not easy to detect under fluorescent lights, and only in special light and the sun, or more than 500W of light. All these filled with wax and silicon will affect the effect of sealant to protect the car paint, because the car protecting sealant should be free of wax or silicone. When the sealant mixed with wax or silicone, that will destroy the original features, can not withstand high temperatures and UV radiation and break down easily because of wax. Even though silicon has better persistent, but it is not easy to be cleaned and dissolved when re-painting, could easily lead paint or wax bubbles prone to holes, such as pinholes, fish eyes, volcanic mouth on car paint surface. It is easy to cause the paint spraying operation failed, because the paint is not easy to gather the elements and to cause car paint quality can not restore the original paint.

Therefore, in order to protect your car, do not ignore the factors that produced damages such as: industrial dust, all kinds of scratches and the contamination caused by incorrect detailing procedures, make sure those has been removed and repaired completely, or no matter how bright your car paint gloss, it could be suffered and damaged in any kind!

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